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1. How to Get the Rotary to Work | Settings & Tips | Laser Engraving
Since many laser engravers have issues to get the rotary to work normally, below are some tips for your reference including driver settings, software settings, operatings advices etc.
How to get the rotary to work?


2. What is a fiber laser marking machine for?
Fiber laser marking machine is mainly used for marking and engraving metal materials, such as stainless steel, aluminum, brass, copper, titanium etc. Of course, it can also mark some plastics.


3. What is the difference between 3 types of fiber laser marking machine?
A. Portable type (without computer)
>>B. Desk type = portable type + computer pre-installed
>>C. Enclosure type (small one)= portable type + enclosure
>>D. Enclosure type (big one)= desk type + enclosure


4. What watts of fiber laser should I choose?
It depends on if you do depth engraving. If your main works do not need depth or just need a little depth, such as 0.01-0.1mm, then 20w is good enough, quick and easy. If you do depth engraving a lot or you will do the depth engraving a lot in future, then you can consider 30w, for same depth engraving, of course 30w will be quicker than 20w. There are also 50w, 70w etc. For most customers, 20w and 30w are good enough.


5. How deep can a 20w/30w fiber laser do on metal?
The max. is 1mm.


6. Can 20w/30w fiber laser cut metal?
Yes, of course. Pls check the video below:





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