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30W CO2 laser engraving machine--Water-cooling



波长: 10.57-10.63um                               Wavelength:10.57-10.63um
功率 :30W                                                Output Power:30W
功率稳定性: ±5%                                    Power Stability:±5%
模式: TEM00                                             Mode Quality:TEM00
光束直径: 3.5mm                                     Beam Diameter: 3.5mm
发散角: 4mrad                                          Beam Divergence: 4mrad
偏振性:50: 1垂直偏振                             Polarization: 50:1 Linear (Vertical)
调制频率: 0-20KHZ                                 Frequency Modulation: 0-20KHz
冷却方式: 水冷                                         Cooling: Water
电输入: 30VDC/14A                                Input Voltage / Current: 30VDC/14A
外形尺寸: 900×71×100                           External Dimensions:900×71×100


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