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Jewelry Laser Welding Machine

MY-W200J laser spot welding machine is used for perforation and spot welding of sand hole for gold and silver jewelries. Laser spot welding is an important application of laser materials processing technology. Spot welding is thermal conduction, namely, the laser radiates the surface of the part, and the heat on the surface expands inside through heat conduction. By controlling parameters such as laser pulse width, energy, peak value and repeating frequency, the part will melt, and thus forming specific molten pools. Due to its unique benefit, the product has been successfully applied to gold and silver jewelries processing, and welding of small-sized parts. 
The laser spot welding machine dedicate to gold and silver jewelry, golf, fill holes for electronic components, welding trachoma, weld inlay mouth and so on. Welding firm, beautiful, non-distortion, simple operation, easy to use.
1 Energy, pulse width, frequency and facular can be adjusted within a wide range to achieve different welding effects. The parameters are adjusted by the control rod in the sealed cavity, simple and efficient. 
2 Ceramic focusing cavity imported from the U.K. is employed, corrosion resistant, high temperature resistant, efficient in optical/electrical conversion. The focusing cavity's service life is 8 to 10 years, and the service life of the xenon lamp is over 8 million times. 
3 World-leading automatic light shielding system is employed to remove stimulation of light on eyes during operation. 
4 24-hour continuous operation, with stable operating performance, and free from maintenance within 10000 hours. 
5 Personalized design in compliance with ergonomics principles.
Fast, high efficient, deep, firm, little distortion, little affect area, no pollution, energy saves and simple operation.
Technical Parameters
Type MY-W200-J
Rated Power 200W
Peak Power 240W
Laser wavelength 1064nm       
Max. Pulse energy 120J   
Laser welding depth 0.1-3.3mm
The pulse width 0.3-20ms
Batter, laser welding frequency 0.5-20Hz
Adjustable range of spot size 0.2-2mm
Machine Power consumption ≤7kw
The demand for electricity 220V±0%/50Hz/31A
Cold system  Water-cooling Chiller
Installation environment Installation Location: 1.5 or less
Environment clean, no dust or less dust
Temperature 13 to 40
Humidity 5% to 75% non-condensing water
Power 220V/50HZ Alternating current, 30A an air switch, voltage stability


jewelry laser welding machine

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