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Fiber Laser Marking Machine - Automation




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Laser Marking Machine - Automation Series

Features of the machine:
1. Featured with the dedicated type, the equipment is of compact size and applied to the production line for flying marking. 
2. According to different requirements of the customers, fiber, semi-conductor, YAG, CO2 machines are available for combining with the automatic production line, achieving the flying marking system as required of customers, realizing the production line operation, as well as improving the production efficiency. 
3. Compared to the traditional ink printing mark, it is featured with the advantages of high efficiency, convenience, without consumable items, non-poisonous and pollution, etc.
Industry Application:
It is suitable for multiple metal and non-metal materials, mainly applied in the industries such as electronics, medicines, tobacco, leather, foods packaging, tobacco painting, drinking water bottle, cosmetics, and electric cables, etc.
1. Combined with the laser marking machine, the full-automatic feeding equipments are of reasonable stability, suitable for the large batch and continuous production with high efficiency.
2. The software is capable to generate the series number (bar code) automatically, for identifying the unique label, batch production and tracing the product marking.
3. It is convenient to install on the flow production line, improving the production efficiency.
Technical Parameters 

Flying marking system/medicine marking system


CO2/YAG(defined according to the products)

 Carving scope


 Marking linear speed


 Marking lines


 Marking characters per second


 Max. production linear speed

Above 150m/min(defined according to the products)


Chinese, English and digits, etc.


 TTF fonts, single line font and customer-designed font supported


We can provide you the customized automation for fiber laser marking mahcine--Type I, II, III,IV and V.


Please send email to or if you want to make the special automation of your own.


laser marking machine


fiber laser marking machine


laser marking machine with conveyor


laser engraving machine


Special Automation for fiber laser marking machine--for client from Malaysia

fiber laser marking machine

fiber laser marking machine with conveyor

laser marking machine 20w

metal laser marking machine

20w fiber laser marking machine

20w fiber laser engraving machine

fiber laser engraver

20w fiber laser engraver

stainless laser engraving machine


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