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Glass Engraving, Galvohead Glass Laser Engraving Machine 1325




Galvohead Glass Laser Engraving Machine

1. Environmental protection. No water, no fume, no smoke, no dust, no chemistry material and very low noise while working.
2. Low cost to process, Low power cosumption, mass production available.
3. High marking/engraving speed, high processing efficiency, High flatness, less than 0.3mm.
4. Superfine marking/engraving effect, the finished product can be displayed in high-end places.
5. Easy operation, 3-days training for a new beginner is enough, one operator can control 5 sets of machine.
6. Humanization design, convenient to load & unload glass via 50 pcs of universal wheels and air cylinder which controls the work table.
7. Long lifespan, one machine can be used for more than 3 years.        
Applicable Material
1. Glass
2. Crystal
3. Acrlic
Applicable Industry
1. Advertising
2. Building partition decoration
3. Household appliances
4. Home furnishings
5. Art photo viewing
6. Industrial glass design and so on. 
Technical Parameters
Flat Glass Engraving
2D/3D Crystal Engraving
Transparent Acrylic Engraving
 Type  MY-M1280G MY-M1325G MY-M1530G
 Marking Area 1200*800*110mm 2500*1300*110mm 3000*1500*110mm
 Frequency 4500HZ
 Marking Speed 280 000 dots/min
 Laser Source Semiconductor DIODE
 Laser Wavelength 532NM
 Max. Pulse Engery 1.2mj
 Beam Quality < 1.5
 Pulse Width 7ns
 Engraving Dot Space 0.06-0.12mm 0.06-0.12mm 0.08-0.15mm
 Dot Size in glass/acrylic 40-80μm 80-120μm 80-120μm
 Resolution 800-1200 DPI
 Quantity of Laser Head ONE
 Axis-Moving X, Y, Z + galvo scanner XY
 X, Y and Z axis Taiwan Ballscrew and Linear Guiderail
 Positioning Accuracy <0.02mm
 Repeating Positioning Accuracy   ±0.001mm
 Lifespan of Laser Souce 25000 hours
 Continous Working Time 24Hrs / Day
 Software Independent-development software for 3D, 2D dots cloud and machine control
 Software Language English, Portuguese, Russian, Arabic and Chinese
 Cooling Mode Air cooling
 Operation Environment Temperature 15-30, Humidty 10-70%, non-condensed
 Power Input AC220V / 50HZ / 1-PH / 5A or 110V / 60HZ / 1-PH / 5A
 Computer Requested There will be one PC with the machine
 Power Comsuption 1500W 1800W 1800W
 Dimesion 1650*1850*1750mm 1950*2000*2750mm 2000*3300*2750mm
 Package Size 1800*2020*1900mm 1760*3280*1750mm 2200*3450*2900mm
 Net Weight (approximate) 600KG 1500KG 1700KG
 Gross Weight (approximate) 800KG 1900KG 2200KG


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